Sikagard® A50 Concrete LVOC, Grey, 5 Gallon,

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Sikagard® Colour A50 Lo-VOC is a state-of-the-art, pigmented and acrylic copolymer based sealer. This coating has been formulated to be VOC compliant while providing protection and decoration to both concrete and masonry. It effectively seals concrete, brick, and block buildings or structures against the ingress of water and carbon dioxide. It also offers excellent chloride screening capabilities and is extremely resistant to the effects of weathering.
• Sikagard® Color A50 Lo-VOC effectively seals concrete, brick and block buildings or structures against the ingress of water and carbon dioxide • It also offers superior chloride screening capabilities, ideally suited to protecting all but trafficked surfaces in salt exposed conditions • It is extremely resistant to the effects of weathering and can therefore be used with confidence in exposed locations • Sikagard® Color A50 Lo-VOC provides durable protection and decoration to virtually any concrete and masonry structures requiring uniform colour and easy-to-clean properties •
Any areas of glass or other such surfaces should be masked to protect against contact with the coating. Sikagard® Color A50 Lo-VOC can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. When applied by roller, use a lamb’s wool roller, with nap to suit surface profile and work in one direction. To achieve the total required dry film thickness, two uniform coats should be allowed for. For spray applications, contact spray equipment specialists to determine suitable equipment and for application advice. When spraying, apply in two passes, perpendicular to each other, with sufficient time between passes for the solvent to ‘flash’ off (evaporate). Where aesthetics are of paramount importance, and/or on porous, uneven or dark substrates, coverage rates may have to be adjusted or a further coat may be necessary. Allow previous coats to become dry to the touch (tack-free) prior to overcoating. At lower temperatures and/or high humidity, waiting time will be prolonged. At higher temperatures, work carefully to maintain a ‘wet’ edge.
All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry, sound and frost free with dirt, dust, curing compound residues, loose paint, surface laitance, oil, grease, rust or other contaminants removed. Existing coatings must be removed, unless extensive testing confirms compatibility of materials and it is accepted that the existing paint will determine overall performance. An open textured, sandpaper-like and uniform surface (ICRI-CSP 1 -2) is best for the final appearance. Where necessary, surfaces should be prepared mechanically by light sand blasting or high pressure water-jetting (allowing adequate drying time if using water). Bug holes, cracks or irregularities in the substrate should be filled and levelled with SikaTop®, SikaRepair® or Sika® MonoTop® mortars as appropriate.