Sikagard® LVOC A50, Clear, 5 Gallon

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Sikagard® Colour A50 Lo-VOC is a state-of-the-art, pigmented and acrylic copolymer (methacrylate resin) based sealer. Using proven technology, the coating has been formulated to be VOC compliant while providing protection and decoration to both concrete and masonry. This product effectively seals concrete, brick, and block buildings or structures against the ingress of water and carbon dioxide. It also offers superior chloride screening capabilities, and is ideally suited to protecting all but trafficked surfaces in salt exposed conditions. It is extremely resistant to the effects of weathering and can therefore be used with confidence in exposed locations.
• VOC compliant; satisfying environmental regulations • Supplied ready to use: no additions or dilution required • Easy to apply, typically self priming and therefore economical • Excellent weathering properties; resisting ultra violet light degradation, wind erosion and the effects of exposure • Extremely resistant to the ingress of water, carbon dioxide and atmospheric pollutants • Superior protection against chloride ions providing corrosion management of reinforced structures • Unaffected by weak solvents, such as mineral spirits and napthas • Resists weak alkalis and weak mineral acids • Vapour permeable, allowing buildings to ‘breathe’ • Excellent decorative properties, including resistance to fading, chipping and flaking
• Minimum age of concrete prior to the application is 14 days, depending on curing and drying conditions (moisture content must be below 4%) • During application, regular monitoring of wet film thickness and material consumption is advised to ensure that the correct thickness is achieved • Ensure previous coats are touch dry/tack-free before overcoating to prevent formation of bubbles and blisters, particularly in warm weather •Sikagard® Color A50 Lo-VOC is moisture sensitive and must be applied on a dry substrate
Sikagard® Color A50 Lo-VOC can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray.