Sikagard® SN100, 18.9L Pail

$440.47 / PAIL
Sikagard® SN 100 is a penetrating monomeric silane solution that is capable of forming a water repelling (hydrophobic) layer on and in the surface of masonry and concrete. Sikagard® SN100 is a one-component solvent release material that can be applied to any siliceous material, even in a damp environment.
• Penetrates deep into the masonry or concrete substrate • Longlasting action • The deep penetration protects it from weathering, ultra violet radiation and abrasion • Significantly reduces chloride ion intrusion while allowing concrete and masonry to breathe • Corrosion of the structure can therefore be reduced • Moisture insensitive •
Sikagard SN 100 can be applied by brush, roller or spray.
For best depth of penetration it is recommended that the sealer be applied when the substrate is surface dry. All substrates must be properly cleaned before the application of any sealer. A substrate clogged with dirt or oil will not permit proper penetration of the sealer. Shot blast or sandblast is generally acceptable means of surface preparation for a concrete slab.