Nudura Optimizer, 12"x48"

$25.25 / PIECE
Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms provide energy efficient, cost-effective building envelope solutions serving the architectural, commercial, and residential markets. The Optimizer offers a variety of benefits to save time and money during insulation. With the Optimizer, the need to rip forms is greatly reduced. Designed to be used as a height adjuster at the top of the wall, the Optimizer allows installers the ability to hit 17 different stack heights from 4’ (1200 mm) to 12’ (3600 mm) without having to rip forms. The Optimizer features all of the same innovations the Nudura ICF Series is known for. Duralok Technology securely locks forms into place with a triple tooth interlock eliminating the need to wire or glue forms, resulting in reduced labor costs during installation. Once the forms are stacked together a continuous full height-fastening strip ensures the wall becomes one unit, making it extremely strong.