Rugasol® S Retardant, 20L

$179.88 / PAIL
Rugasol-S is a green liquid, water-soluble, non-flammable, surface retardant for exposed-aggregate concrete. It is water thin. Rugasol-S chemically delays surface mortar setting to allow time for easy removal of retarded mortar. It has 3 mm (1/8 inch) uniform penetration over the surface of the entire placement and it leaves the aggregate exposed without it being undercut and loosened.
• Architectural quality appearance with original color and texture of the aggregate without sandblasting • Easy, economical removal of the concrete surface without laborious hacking, chipping or blasting required • No danger of acid residue from strong washing compounds • Easy to apply, less supervision of field personnel, no expensive equipment required • Uniform coverage results in uniform aggregate exposure.
Sika® Rugasol-S may be used to obtain an architectural finish on concrete slabs by exposing the natural color and texture of the aggregates. The rough finish obtained from this method may be used as a mechanical key for the subsequent lifting or rendering of the concrete.
Apply Sika® Rugasol-S with a low pressure spray immediately after screeding when concrete has lost its sheen. The normal recommended rate of application of Sika® Rugasol-S is 200 sq. ft. per gallon (4.9 sq. meter per liter). All finishing work must be completed prior to the application of Sika® Rugasol-S. Any mechanical floating or finishing after application will produce excessive and irregular depths of retardation. Cover with wet burlap or plastic sheet to prevent surface from drying out. Architectural finish: For an architectural finish, seed surface with additional aggregate and float it to the surface before applying Sika® Rugasol-S. Exposing aggregate: Within 12 to 14 hours after application, use a low pressure garden hose and stiff broom to remove the retarded surface mortar. Do not use excessive force in removal since this may undermine the exposed aggregate profile.