Grace Bonding Agent Daraweld C 13.25 Liter Unit

2_0388214 MFG #: 0388214
$240.89 / PAIL
Daraweld C is a bonding agent for concrete. When used as directed, Daraweld C will improve the bond between new to old or new to new concrete. Daraweld C is a dispersion of internally plasticized, high-polymer resin in water. It is a ready-to-use, non-settling, milk-white liquid with a viscosity slightly greater than that of water. One gallon weighs approximately 9.0 lbs. Mixed with cement, sand and water, Daraweld C forms a strong, highly adhesive bonding grout which will adhere to properly prepared concrete substrates. The grout, when cured, will withstand intermittent or continued exposure to water.