ADA Solutions Paver 24"x48" Yellow

2_0403053 MFG #: 2448IDPV2Y
Composite detectable warning surfaces for pedestrian crossings. The ADA Tactile Warning Surfaces are cost-effective and easy to install.

  • Superior wear resistance
  • ADA's product will conform to irregular underlying substrates
  • Eliminates hairline cracking observed in epoxy based and VPC based materials
  • Easy maintenance
  • Virtually impervious to absorption when compared to concrete, epoxy, or VPC materials
  • Not affected by chemical exposure
  • Performs well when subjected to snow removal operations
  • Easy to clean and replace when necessary
  • Approved for use by many major municipalities, DPW's, and state DOT's
  • Superior color stability
  • Homogenous materials
  • Pigment is uniformly distributed throughout the thickness of the products
  • Long term color stability without the need for secondary coatings