Fabrikem Fabrishield 762 Stucco Sealer, 5 Gallon

Fabrishield® 700 is a series of clear, penetrating sealers and water repellents, which provide invisible protection for above-grade concrete, brick, stucco, and concrete block surfaces. When properly applied, they keep vertical surfaces dry and stop water intrusion. This, in turn, helps these surfaces to resist stain damage, algae growth, freeze-thaw spalling, efflorescence, and alkali run-downs (which can damage glass). FABRISHIELD® 700 series sealers are a unique blend of modified silane/siloxane monomers and polymers which react with the alkalinity of the surface to be treated, triggering a chemical reaction that results in the sealer becoming an integral part of the base substrate, thus creating a water repellent barrier.