Johns Manville Tufskin, 2"x48"x35', 1.75 Density

$153.23 / ROLL
Johns Manville Tuf-Skin® and Tuf-Skin II both withstand damage from abrasion during assembly and from in-service air erosion. Tuf-Skin® dual-density fiber glass blankets are a widely used insulation for HVAC equipment applications. The combination of a high-density skin and low-density core provides high acoustical values in the high and low frequency ranges normally encountered in appliances and HVAC equipment. Tuf-Skin II is the cost-effective alternative to original Tuf-Skin for acoustical and thermal applications in HVAC equipment and appliances. With the same proven characteristics as Tuf-Skin, its dual-density construction enhances sound absorption at high and low frequencies. Both Tuf-Skin and Tuf-Skin II provide superior thermal and acoustical performance.