Firestone SBS Premium FR Torch, White

$117.38 / ROLL
SBS Premium FR Torch is a modified bitumen membrane featuring a blend of SBS (Styrene-ButadieneStyrene) rubber polymer and high quality asphalt reinforced with a heavy, 265 g/m² (5.43 lb/100 ft²) strong non-woven polyester mat enhanced with continuous fiberglass yarns. The addition of SBS rubber polymer and fire-retardant materials optimizes the asphalt blend to increase its natural waterproofing properties, adding elongation, elasticity, flexibility and fire resistance to the sheet. The fiberglass reinforced polyester mat provides strength and stability to the product, yielding a membrane that resists natural forces and other factors on the rooftop. SBS Premium FR Torch is designed specifically as the top layer for use with Firestone SBS Modified Bitumen Systems and has the bottom surface covered with a poly burnoff film to aid in heat welding applications. Firestone SBS Systems are ideal for use on both new construction and reroofing projects.