Sikalastic® Duochem 390, Membrane Part A & B, 18L

$498.82 / UNIT
Sikalastic® Duochem 390 Membrane is a high quality, fast curing, two-component, solvent free, chemically cured, elastomeric, polyurethane waterproofing membrane. It is part of the Sikalastic® Duodeck Parking Deck Waterproofing System and the Sikafloor® Duochem Industrial and Decorative Flooring Systems. It is recommended for use as part of the Sikalastic Duodeck Parking Deck Waterproofing System to provide a tough, crack-bridging, watertight membrane prior to overcoating with one of the Sikalastic Duochem traffic topping wear courses. This product can be used for applications including multi-story parking garages, parking decks and ramps, foot bridges and walkways, plaza and rooftop decks, and balconies and terraces.
• Economical and easy to apply • Highly resistant waterproof elastomer • Solvent-free, low odour and fast curing for accelerated turnaround • Pre-measured packaging • Vertical version available •
• Do not apply to a porous or damp surface where moisture vapour transmission will occur during application and cure • Minimum age of concrete must be 21 - 28 days, depending on curing and drying conditions • Substrate must be dry prior to application. Do not apply to frosted, wet or damp surfaces. Do not proceed if rain is imminent within 8 - 12 hours of application. Allow sufficient time for substrate to dry after rain or inclement weather to avoid potential for bonding problems. • Ensure proper ventillation
Apply Sikalastic® Duochem 390 Membrane at a rate of 2 m2/L (81 ft2/US gal.) using a notched squeegee and backroll to provide a uniform 20 mils wet film thickness. Note: At thicknesses less than 20 mils, the opacity of the material is reduced to the degree that the substrate is partially visible through the membrane. This acts as a mechanism for quality control on site. Always ensure that the substrate is not visible through the membrane and that a minimum w.f.t. of 20 mils is achieved. Allow a minimum of 6 hours cure time at 23°C (73°F) prior to installing wear course.