ITW Saran 560 Film 35-1/2"x250'

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SARAN™ 560-CX Vapor Retarder Film is composed of a film of the barrier polymer polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) coextruded with other specialty polymers that provide strength and support. Working together, the portions of this coextruded film combine to create a vapor retarder and jacketing material for mechanical insulation systems that is durable, flexible and has excellent resistance to water vapor penetration. Designed specifically for high vapor drive applications, SARAN 560-CX Film helps prevent water absorption and strongly resists moisture vapor drive into the insulation. A permeance rating of 0.01 perms meets or exceeds the strictest industry requirements for vapor retarders in cold service. SARAN 560-CX Vapor Retarder Film is not a known nutrient source for mold or mildew.