Static Mixer/Loadflex Nozzle

$8.10 / EACH
Sika® Loadflex® is a two-component, epoxy-urethane, catalyst-cured, self-levelling sealant for load bearing saw cut or preformed control joints. Sika® Loadflex® achieves its excellent properties through unique urethane-epoxy polymer chemistry
• Seals joints from collecting dirt, dust, and debris • Easily installed by pouring or gunning • Excess material can be shaved off smooth as early as 12 hours • Provides for even load transfer across floor joints, thereby protecting joint edges from breakdown
• For best results Sika® Loadflex® should be installed 120 days or longer after initial concrete placement, when the majority of concrete shrinkage has occurred and control joints are static • For applications in non-moving joints only (max. 5% joint movement) • For best results, materials should be maintained between 18 and 30°C (65 and 86°F) • Do not apply through standing water or on damp surfaces.
Pour Sika® Loadflex® into construction control joints or use low-pressure extrusion equipment. Again, maintain a steady flow of material. Both applications require care to eliminate overlapping as this may cause bubbling within the material. Place Sika® Loadflex® full joint depth.