Foster 32-19 Ductfas WB Duct Sealant 5 Gallon

2_0707123 MFG #: 36-3219-0005
$120.49 / EACH
Foster® Duct-Fas Duct Sealant is a fire resistive, water based, indoor/outdoor, U.V. resistant, non-fibrated sealant for use on low, medium and high velocity ducts to form an extremely flexible, yet durable seal against air leakage. It is supplied in a special thixotropic consistency that allows easy application by brush, glove, trowel, power extrusion or caulking gun. Duct-Fas Duct Sealant may be pressure tested after 24 hours dry time above 70?F (21?C). It quickly forms a strong bond to clean galvanized, aluminum and mild steel metal ducts. Duct-Fas Duct Sealant is ideal for sealing ASJ, FRK, and FSK jackets and board facings at joints, laps and over staple and weld pin punctures, and for sealing flexible air ducts to rigid connectors. The cartridge grade is ideal for use as a joint sealant with polystyrene insulation.