Innovative 3203 Sealox VOC, 18.93L

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Sealox is a solvent base, standard density superior non-gloss sealer designed to inhibit water absorption and the penetration of most atmospheric pollutants on exposed concrete and masonry. Reaction with masonry and humidity chemically bonds highly repellent Sealox to the substrate. Sealox's extremely small molecular structure allows complete saturation of the porous material. Treated surfaces resist damaging salt intrusions, freeze/thaw spalling, efflorescence, mildew and other moisture related damage. Sealox is suitable for application to brick, concrete, stucco and most other masonry surfaces. Unlike most water repellents, Sealox gives long lasting protection to alkaline masonry surfaces such as architectural concrete, masonry, mortars, grouts and high strength cements. Traffic bearing surfaces should use the Sealox High Density.