Air Plus 8 oz, 60/Box

2_0709116 MFG #: AIRPLUS
$0.00 / BAG
Fritz-Pak Air Plus is a dry powdered admixture, packaged in patented ready-to-use water-soluble bags or in bulk (50 lb bags). Air plus is recommended for all types of air entrained concrete when an increase in entrained air content is necessary. Air Plus can also be used as a primary air-entraining admixture. Air Plus is compatible with all standard concrete admixtures.
•Reduces amount of concrete rejected due to low entrained air content • Air Plus and Super Air Plus are premeasured dry materials and will not freeze • Easily transported and dispensed • Improves concrete workability • Addition of Air Plus or Super Air Plus will not affect the water/cement ratio • Entrained air content may be easily adjusted prior to job site testing • Air Plus and Super Air Plus are packaged in watersoluble Fritz-Pak inner bags for convenient use at plant or job site
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Air-Minus may be added to dry or wet mixes.