Dow ISO Foil 4x4x8 FF Wall

$84.56 / SHEET
THERMAX™ Sheathing is a non-structural, rigid board insulation consisting of a glass-fiber-reinforced polyisocyanurate foam core laminated between pinhole-free aluminum foil facers. A unique free-rise manufacturing process produces the uniform, closed-cell core foam, which is exceptionally resistant to heat flow. The facers of THERMAX™ Sheathing help provide an effective barrier to moisture. Lightweight and easy to install, THERMAX™ Sheathing is ideally suited for interior masonry wall applications, above or below grade. THERMAX™ insulation is lightweight, easy to install and reduces thermal bridging and moisture migration in the building envelope. There are three methods that can be used to successfully install THERMAX™ Sheathing. Each of them is outlined here, along with the benefits of each.