3M Ultra RC Pack, 2"

The 3M™ Fire Barrier Plastic Pipe Device UPPD2 is a one-piece metal collar assembly encasing 3M's heat-expanding 3M™ Fire Barrier Wrap Strip Ultra GS material. The 3M™ Fire Barrier Plastic Pipe can be used to firestop up to two inches (50. 8 mm) of non-metallic pipe, cables and combos in new and retrofit installations. It achieves up to 3 hours of fire protection in tested and listed systems. This device also mounts easily and quickly (takes about 1 minute) when using 3M™ Ultra Fast Anchors and Pliers (requires 3 anchors, anchors sold separately), no power tools, mounting screws or other fasteners needed. It can also be anchored using conventional methods (e. g. toggle bolts for gypsum or masonry anchors for concrete).