Karnak KAR97-5 Fibered Aluminum Coating, 5 Gallon

$141.23 / EACH
Karnak #97AF Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is made of selected asphalts and pigment flakes of pure aluminum, blended with refined solvents and mineral fibers for heavy duty service. When Karnak #97AF Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is applied to the roof, the aluminum flakes arrange themselves in overlapping parallel layers, forming a reflective, metallic shield over the base material. The combination of these protective materials - aluminum, asphalt and reinforcing fibers - by the exclusive Karnak process results in a self- protecting roof coating with longer lasting moisture and heat resistant features. Karnak #97AF Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating remains permanently bonded to the base material, thus assuring longer roof life with subsequent savings on roof maintenance.