Dupont Roofliner, 4'x250'

$89.74 / ROLL
Dupont Roofliner is a durable, high performance underlayment with a 30 year limited warranty. It is designed to be used with today's long-lasting shingles, tiles and other roof coverings. It provides water protection in commercial and most residential construction. During construction, RoofLiner can withstand UV rays for up to six months and resists blowoffs and tearing, to help prevent rain and snow from damaging sheathing or walls. Once the roof is finished, RoofLiner provides a durable secondary layer of water protection. RoofLiner has a woven polymer core and a top surface composed of DuPont Elavoy AC copolymer, which provides high water holdout, UV and thermal stability, long service life, and durable roof protection. Elvaloy copolymer provides high water hold-out, UV and thermal stability, and high coefficient of friction, for excellent grip and foot adherence. Roofliner does not contain any asphalt, like traditional roofing felts.