Lexsuco FR-40, 18"x100'

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Lexcor FR-40 Flexible Flashing is a flexible yet highly durable flashing membrane designed specifically for use with conventional built-up roofs. It is asphalt compatible and formulated to withstand damage from sunlight, ozone, fungi, temperature extremes and numerous chemicals and solvents. The Flashing membrane consists of 1 mm (40 mil) thick of a proprietary, polymeric alloy, integrally laminated to a polyester reinforcing scrim. When properly applied to a roofing membrane and/or a substrate, FR-40 Flashing provides a strong yet flexible tie-in that will assure years of problem-free, leak-free performance. FR-40 assures leak-free water tightness even when the building is subject to significant, temperature induced expansion and contraction. In addition, FR-40 is durable enough to be left fully exposed to the elements.