Sikaflex® 2C Colour Pak, Geographic Beige

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This Sikaflex® Colour-Pak is for use with Sikaflex 2C products.
• Intended for use in all properly designed working joints with a minimum depth of 1/4 in • Ideal for vertical and horizontal applications • Can be applied at temperatures as low as 4°C (39°F) • Adheres to most substrates commonly found in construction • An effective sealant for use in Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) • Submerged environments, such as canal and reservoir joints.
Recommended application temperatures 40°-100°F.Pre-conditioning units to 65-75°F is necessary when working at extremes. Move pre-conditioned units to work areas just prior to application. Apply sealant only to clean, sound, dry, and frost-free substrates. Sikaflex-2c should be applied into joints when joint slot is at mid-point of its designed expansion and contraction. To place, pour or extrude the SL grade in one direction and allow it to flow and level as necessary. If extruding, load mixed sealant directly into bulk gun or use follower plate loading system. Place nozzle of gun into bottom of joint and fill entire joint. Keeping the nozzle deep in the sealant, continue with a steady flow of sealant preceding nozzle to avoid air entrapment. Also, avoid overlapping of sealant since this also entraps air.
Joint wall surfaces must be clean, sound, and frost-free. Joint walls must be free of oils, grease, curing compound residues, and any other foreign matter that might prevent bond. Ideally this should be accomplished by mechanical means. A roughened surface will also enhance bond. Bond breaker tape or backer rod must be used in bottom of joint to prevent bond. Priming is typically not necessary. Most substrates only require priming if sealant will be subjected to water immersion after cure. Testing should be done, however, on questionable substrates, to determine if priming is needed. Consult Technical Service or Sikaflex Primer Technical Data Sheet for additional information on priming