ITW CP-240 Chil-Lock Asbestos Removal Sealer 18.93L

$79.92 / PAIL
CHIL-LOCK CP-240 is an economic, fire retardant, polymeric water-based asbestos removal agent and post removal sealer. As a post removal sealer, it is designed to mist, lock down, and seal free asbestos fibers and residual asbestos containing material (ACM) after removal. It effectively locks the ACM onto cleaned, exposed substrates and polyethylene sheeting within the containment area to prevent any loose fibers from becoming airborne. It adheres to structural steel and surfaces to be reinsulated for service temperature applications up to 250ºF (121ºC). It is also used as a primer on structural surfaces to be fireproofed in respray applications. CP-240 may also be used in a diluted form as an asbestos removal agent to mist and wet ACM for removal purposes in the containment area.