Tech-Crete SRI Roof Panel 2"x2'x4'

$0.00 / SHEET
Tech-Crete Solar-Reflective Insulated (SRI) Roof Panels are self-ballasted and designed for loose laid installation above waterproofing or roofing membranes in a protected membrane roof (PMR) assembly. SRI roof panels consist of Styrofoam brand foam insulation with 3/8" (10 mm) (nominal) thick latex-modified, solar reflective white concrete topping. Since the white concrete topping maintains its solar reflectivity throughout its entire thickness, there is no reflective coating to maintain or reapply. A simple rinse or light pressure wash will rejuvenate the solar reflectivity. They provide insulation and ballast in an easy-to-install product that can be handled by one person. They are ideal for new and retrofit applications where dead load roof weight is a concern. With tongue and groove sides, SRI roof panels can be easily removed and reused after membrane inspection or to construct additional stories in a vertical expansion project. SRI roof panels keep the roof membrane at a steady temperature, minimizing the harmful effects of freeze-thaw cycles, weathering, UV degradation, and physical damage during and after construction.