Penntrowel Epoxy Primer, 1 Gallon

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PENNTROWEL Epoxy Primer is a 2-component, liquid epoxy resinous primer used to promote adhesion to concrete and steel substrates. It can used as a concrete bonding agent as well as with Corrosion Engineering's surfacer and lining systems. These include PENNTROWEL Epoxy Broadcast Systems, PENNTROWEL Epoxy L/F Systems, PENNTROWEL 250 Surfacer and SB Systems, and PENNCOAT® 221 and 227. Tolerance for surface moisture allows PENNTROWEL Epoxy Primer to be applied to suitably prepared, damp or dry concrete or steel substrates. When substrate surfaces and ambient air temperatures are between 35°F-50°F (2°C -10°C) during installation and cure, substitute Epoxy Cold Room Hardener for PENNTROWEL Epoxy Hardener. Refer to CE-159 Epoxy Cold Room Hardener for mix ratio guidance. Note the Epoxy Primer cured with Cold Room Hardener does not exhibit moisture tolerant capabilities.