Hand Cleaner Towels Tub

$53.37 / EACH
Sika® Hand Cleaner is a unique patented waterless hand cleaning system combining both a high-quality liquid hand cleaner formula and a heavy duty, non-scratching abrasive hand cleaning towel.
• Sika® Hand Cleaner unique properties work fast to remove fresh urethane and primer • Sika® Hand Cleaner will also remove small amounts of cured urethane and dried primer other cleaners just can’t remove • Sika® Hand Cleaner works fast to loosen and dissolve surface and embedded grease, grime and soil • Hands are left fresh and clean, and are conditioned with gentle emollients • No rinsing, no drying, no residue left • Pleasant fragrance
Sika® Hand Cleaner replaces shop towels, dry wipes, paper towels and rags that are constantly used to wipe hands but can not properly clean them. When you do not have access to soap, water, wash basin or sink, his is the ideal system to keep hands professionally clean. Sika® Hand Cleaner is essential for industrial workers bonding and sealing with urethane, mechanics, painters, machinists and all other workers exposed to oily soils. Quickly removes tough-to-clean substances including dirt, heavy grease, adhesive, lubricants, oils, ink, tar, wax, caulk sealant, paint and much more.
Direction for dispensing - Remove large snap cover from container. From centre of the towel roll, pull up a towel corner, twist into a point and thread through the X hole in the underside of the lid cover. Pull towel through about one inch. Replace lid cover on container assuring a secure fit. Pull out first towel and snap off at 90° angle. Applying slight pressure on towel with hinged cap while removing a towel helps remove one towel at a time. Remaining towels feed automatically for next use. Always reseal hinged cap after each use to insure against moisture loss and possible contamination. Directions for use Open an unfold cleaning towel to full 10 ½’’ x 12 ¼” size. Use orange adhesive side to scrub and instantly clean soiled hands. No need to rinse or dry hands. Dispose of used towels properly.