IIG T12 HP 3V Scored Block 27 2x12x36

2_11310850 MFG #: B2.0X12-3V
$8.29 / SQUARE FT
Thermo-12 Gold is the preferred product for high-temperature pipe and equipment applications in petrochemical, power generation and process industries. Its exceptional strength and durability, low thermal conductivity and corrosion inhibiting performance allow for use in high-abuse environments with operating temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C). The XOX formula that inhibits corrosion is integrated into Thermo-12 Gold during the manufacturing process is unaffected by temperature cycling, thus the corrosion-inhibiting properties of Thermo-12 Gold will last for the lifetime of the product. Thermo-12 Gold will not burn and can be used as a component in fire protection systems.