Ideal Products Stainless Steel Embossed Roll .016, 3'x50', T304 w/Surlyn

$0.00 / ROLL
Ideal Products' Stainless Steel Jacketing with Polysurlyn Moisture Retarder is produced from T-304 stainless steel, meeting ASTM A-240 standards. The interior of this product is lined with a 3 mil thick co-extruded Surlyn and Polyethylene moisture retarder. This film is laminated to the stainless steel by a process of heat and pressure. The exterior of the Polysurlyn Stainless Steel is a 2B mill finish. Polysurlyn Moisture Retarder provides an excellent resistance to moisture and has excellent abrasion resistance during installation. Stainless Steel Roll Jacketing with Polysurlyn is used in areas where extra protection from corrosion and abuse is a factor. It is used in refineries, plants and mills to protect pipes, vessels and tanks where chemical attack is a problem. It can also be used in areas where high temperatures are or could be an issue.