Integrity Plugz, Foam/Std 18"x3" X-Large

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Integrity Plugz are access/inspection ports that are designed to provide large, resealable, and safe repeated access for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) on insulated pipes, vessels, tanks, and equipment. With its patented design features, Integrity Plugz allow you to easily monitor systems and will add integrity to your pipes, vessels, and tanks. Integrity Plugz Standard Temperature (STD) are made from high performing EVA foam insulation and a EPDM rubber cap for extra protection against mechanical damage, weather, UV, and ozone exposure. Integrity Plugz STD comes with edge trim that conforms to irregular surfaces and eliminates risks of injury from reaching into exposed sheet metal. The Integrity Plugz STD also includes a lanyard to avoid cover loss. Each Integrity Plugz STD comes as a kit including templates, hardware, and installation instructions.