Trufast 2" Barbed Metal Seam Plate

2_25802031 MFG #: MPB-2-TF
$123.47 / PAIL
TRUFAST Metal Seam Plates are used to mechanically attach single-ply and modified bituminious roof membranes to the substrate. The plate’s circular design and reinforcing ribs provide exceptional strength to resist wind uplift forces. TRUFAST Metal Seam Plates are made of Galvalume coated steel for excellent corrosion protection that meet the requirements of ASTM D 6294, FM 4470 and DIN 50018. The TRUFAST 2” Barbed Metal Seam Plate is used to attach reinforced singly-ply and modified bituminous membranes to the substrate. Use it with Trufast #14HD, #14 Stainless Steel HD, #15 EHD, Purlin, Fluted Concrete Nail or 1/4” Concrete Spike fasteners.