Nox-Crete Sparkl-Seal LVOC 3.8L Sealer

$0.00 / CAN
Sparkl-Seal LVOC is a solvent-based, high gloss, transparent, acrylic polymer decorative concrete sealer. It forms a tough, hard, non-yellowing film on both interior and exterior applications. Sparkl-Seal LVOC leaves the surface with a wet look appearance and a high gloss sheen. It also creates a vapor seal that retains moisture for proper curing. Sparkl-Seal LVOC can be used to seal and protect many types of horizontal and vertical surfaces including stamped concrete, acid stained concrete, integrally colored concrete, exposed aggregate, and cementitious overlays. Additionally, it can be used as an anti-graffiti coating to protect concrete surfaces from most aerosol spray paints.