Sikadur® Crack Fix, Pre-Pak, 180ML 12/Case

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Sikadur® Crack Fix is a 2-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, low-viscosity, high-strength, multi-purpose, epoxy resin adhesive. It is recommended for use in the gravity-feed of cracks in horizontal concrete and masonry, in the low pressure injection of cracks in structural concrete, masonry, wood, and more. Sikadur® Crack Fix is convenient to use, self mixing, and five times stronger than concrete.
• Formulation identical to popular, high strength adhesive Sikadur® 35, Hi-Mod LV • Five times stronger than concrete • Convenient easy to use, single tube cartridge - fits standard caulk guns • Deep, penetrating and tenacious bonding of cracks in structural concrete • No mess - self-mixing
To gravity feed cracks - Blow vee-notched crack clean with oil-free compressed air. Dispense Sikadur® Crack Fix slowly into vee-notched crack. Continue placement until completely filled. Seal underside of slab prior to filling if cracks reflect through. To inject cracks - Set appropriate injection ports. Seal ports and surface of crack with Sikadur® 31, Hi-Mod Gel or Sikadur® 33. When the epoxy adhesive seal has cured, inject Sikadur® Crack Fix with slow steady pressure.
Surface must be clean, dry and sound. Remove dust from crack by brushing or by blowing clean with oil free compressed air.