Perma-Chink Log End Seal, Clear, 3.78 L

$0.00 / GALLON
Perma-Chink Log End Seal is a clear finish that prevents water from penetrating into log ends thus providing a layer of protection against sun, wind, and weather damage. This product dries clear. It is designed to protect exposed log ends from deterioration due to the elements. Sunlight, wind, rain, snow, and ice all play a role in degrading wood surfaces. Learn more about Perma-Chink.
  • Dries clear
  • Protects from snow and rain
1. Thoroughly sand all exposed log ends, taking care not to leave heavy sanding marks or gouges. 2. Apply any Lifeline™ brand exterior stain to the entire home, including the log ends. 3. When the Lifeline stain has dried, apply Log End Seal with a brush, pad or trowel taking care to completely cover the exposed log end. Try to avoid leaving brush marks or uncoated areas on the ends. Wipe off any excess that may have worked its way onto the sides of the logs. 4. Let the Log End Seal dry and finish with a Lifeline topcoat over the entire home.