Perma-Chink Trapezoid Back Rod Grip Strip, 1.5"x4'

$0.00 / BOX
Perma-Chink Grip Strip is chemically inert closed-cell polyethylene that is shaped to fit between log courses to form a flat surface for the application of Perma-Chink or Energy Seal. This makes it easier to maintain a consistent thickness of sealant across the seam, reducing the amount of sealant required and improving the sealant's performance.
  • Provides a firm chinking or caulking surface
  • Shape and texture allow it to be easily installed without using staples, nails or glue
  • Repels water
  • Compatible with all commonly available synthetic chinking
  • prevent blistering of chinking surfaces
  • provides extra insulation against heat loss by improving sealant's performance
When the A and B components of M-Balm are mixed together, they form a low viscosity liquid. The easiest way to apply M-Balm is with some type of plastic squeeze bottle like a clean, empty mustard container. Just be sure to mix the two components together before you pour them into the container. You need to be aware that within a few minutes after being mixed together the liquid gets hot, very hot! The greater the volume the hotter it will get. The heat is the result of an exothermic chemical reaction that takes place between the A and B components. It's best to mix small quantities of M-Balm at a time not only for this reason but since mixed M-Balm hardens in just 15 minutes any product that's not applied within that time will end up being unusable. M-Balm can be applied with a brush but once the M-Balm begins to cure the brush will become hard and will have to be discarded. Whichever application method you use, try to avoid getting any M-Balm on the surface of the wood. It's impossible to cover cured M-Balm with a paint or stain and any spots of M-Balm that get onto the visible surface will always stick out from the rest of the wall.