Perma-Chink Ultra 2 Lifeline 821 Wheat, 18.93 L

Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra-2 is a two coat application that helps to ensure consistent color development on your walls. From the day that you apply it to the many years of durability that you get from it, this wood stain will distinguish your home. Lifeline Ultra-2 is the first component of Perma-Chink's two component exterior wood finish system. The second component is a clear topcoat of Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin. There are very distinct functional differences between the durability and appearance functions of stains and clear topcoats.
  • Water repellent
  • breathable
  • mold and mildew resistant
  • water based
Check for deterioration and decay. Remove and replace or repair deteriorated wood. Unsound wood should be repaired prior to applying this product. All surfaces should be free from mill glaze and contaminates including dirt, dust, mold and mildew, old finishes, water repellents and wax. Use appropiate materials to clean and prepare surfaces. If a wood preservative has been previously applied, make sure it is completely dry before applying this product. If the surface is tacky or there are visible deposits on the wood, wash the surface and allow to dry. DO NOT USE on surfaces that have been brushed or rubbed with steel wool. If you do, rust spots may appear under the finish. Do NOT use thinners. Do not apply when the surface temperature is below 40° F or above 90° F. Wear rubber gloves to avoid stains to the skin and fingernails. DO NOT APPLY TO HOT SURFACES OR IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Stir thoroughly before and regularly during use, apply in thin coats using a brush or airless sprayer. Back brushing is required to work the finish onto the wood for optimum performance. Always keep a "wet edge" to avoid lap marks. LIFELINE ULTRA-2 is unlike paints or oil-borne stains. Wait for the first coat to dry (at least two hours depending on temperature and humidity) then apply a second coat. Always back brush to ensure even coverage and to avoid visible drips and runs.