Perma-Chink Check Mate 2 Dark Brown, 11 oz

$21.76 / TUBE
Check Mate 2 is an outstanding water resistant sealant that prevents water and air infiltration through pronounced cracks (called checks) in logs, timbers and wood siding. Caulking is an obvious solution to this problem, but caulking does not work because of limits in adhesion and weatherability. Check Mate 2 forms a tough elastic filler and coating. It has superb color stability and resists ultraviolet rays, ozone, mold, mildew and airborne contaminates. Even the most troublesome leaks can be sealed with Check Mate 2. Learn more about Perma-Chink.
  • Bonds tightly to wood
  • Prevents air infiltration into home
  • Accepts colored stain
  • Soap and water clean up
  • Can be used in gaps up to one inch wide
  • Prevents water from getting into logs causing rot
  • Stretches as checks open and close
Begin by cleaning the check or crack of any dust, dirt oil, solvent or previous sealer. If the check is upward-facing or has allowed previous water penetration, pour some Shell-Guard® RTU into it and allow to dry before proceeding. This will kill any decay fungi present and prevent further deterioration of the log. Using masking tape, mask off the wood on either side of the check. For checks 1/4" wide or larger, insert appropriately sized backer rod. Cut the tip of the tube to the approximate size of the check. CHECK MATE 2 may then be applied into the check using a standard caulk gun. It must have good contact with wood on either side of the check. Be sure the crack or check is completely sealed from end to end. Tool surface smooth with a wet finger or trowel and remove overflow immediately with a damp cloth. Masking tape should be removed while the CHECK MATE 2 is still wet.