Perma-Chink Lifeline Accents Clear Exterior, 3.78 L

Perma-Chink Lifeline Advance works just like the clear-coat on your car to protect the color coat underneath. It extends the life of the finish system while adding depth and highlights to the appearance. It makes your exterior walls easier to keep clean. It has the right permeability to keep the film breathable while repelling liquid water. It's advanced formulation imparts an extra measure of water repellency and ultraviolet (UV) resistance along with mold and mildew protection to extend the life of your stain. Learn more about Perma-Chink.
Exterior- wood trim, exterior walls, siding, fascia, millwork, timbers, furniture and other wood elements of your home.
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Long lasting color retention
  • High coverage rate
  • Breathable film allows unseasoned logs to dry out
All surfaces should be free from mill glaze and contaminates including dirt, dust, mold and mildew, old finishes, water repellents and wax. Use appropriate materials to clean and prepare surfaces. If the surface is tacky or there are visible deposits on the wood, wash the surface with water and allow to dry. DO NOT USE LIFELINE EXterior ON SURFACES THAT HAVE BEEN BRUSHED OR RUBBED WITH STEEL WOOL. IF YOU DO, RUST SPOTS MAY APPEAR UNDER THE FINISH. STIR THOROUGHLY before and regularly during use. Wear rubber gloves to avoid stains to the skin and fingernails. DO NOT APPLY TO HOT SURFACES OR IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Do not apply when the surface temperature is below 40° F or above 90° F. Back brushing is required to work the finish into the wood for optimum performance. Apply LIFELINE Exterior in thin coats and always keep a “wet edge” to avoid lap marks. Wait for the first coat to dry (at least two hours depending on temperature and humidity) then apply a second coat. Always back brush to ensure even coverage and to avoid visible drips and runs. Once the LIFELINE EXterior has dried and you are satisfied with the appearance, we strongly recommend the application of one or two coats of LIFELINE ADVANCE Gloss or Satin clear topcoat.