Dayton Superior Flush Concrete Plug

$0.00 / EACH
The Dayton Superior A58 Sure Plug is easily pushed into a hole of a specified depth by using the A59 insertion tool. Pushing against the bottom of the blind center hole of the plug forces the plug's oversize body to elongate as it enters the hole. When the pushing force is stopped, the plug elastically returns towards its original diameter creating a high radial pressure against the walls of the hole. When properly installed the A58 Sure Plug will withstand a hydrostatic pressure equal to approximately a 277 ft. liquid head of water. As the plug is gray-colored to blend with concrete, it may be positioned flush with the concrete face or recessed depending on the architectural effect desired. When recessed, the sure plug may also serve as backing for flush or recessed grouting. Ribs inside the plug are designed to anchor the grout.