Polycast FP0811 Sloped Channel, 96"

$0.00 / PIECE
The POLYCAST© FP800 and FP1200 are the ideal solution for high volume flow situations such as airports, roadways, and seaports. Designed with the installer in mind, this revolutionary design incorporates full 360° interlocks and prefabricated turns and tees to minimize installation time. The drain is available in 8" and 12" widths and comes in both 4' and 8' lengths for maximum flexibility. Flow rates of up to 6700 GPM can be achieved over 120' of continuous 1% slope. Grates are available to meet DIN load classes C through F. Three separate grate options are available for each size that exceed FAA AC150/5320 loading criteria for airports, and all grates meet or exceed AASHTO M-306 loading criteria for roadways.