Stabila Tape Measure, 27' , BM40

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Sophisticated professional case: Shatter-proof plastic case with shock-absorbent soft grip cover - excellent impact resistance. The wide, smooth underside of the case provides the tape measure with outstanding stability. The straight housing allows free-hand working when taking vertical measurements. Perfect handling and a sure grip thanks to the ergonomically designed case, soft grip rubber coating, non-slip brake lever and secure belt clip. Extremely robust tape properties: Measuring scale with superb abrasion resistance provided by a high-performance polyester coating. A particularly long durability. Matt finish on the tape gives lasting protection from bothersome reflections when measuring. Identical measuring scale on both sides - easy to read in all working situations. Red tens for quick read-off. Multifunctional hook design: The STABILA spiked hook prevents the beginning of the blade from slipping. Integrated eyelet facilitates measuring over long distances as well as the measuring of three-dimensional shapes. Flexible attachment of the hook to the beginning of the blade lends added precision to internal and external measurements. Shock-absorber effect for minimum material stress: The special retarding action on the tape rewind brings the tape to a gentle stop. The spiked hook is fully under control as it runs into its parked position. Effective tape brake: Push brake for the 3 and 5 meter length models. Rocker brake for models with 8 and 10 m long blades. High-performance brake technology - no reduction of brake efficiency even when the blade is fully extended. The blade is reliably locked into position and does not retract. Verified accuracy: Accuracy class II. Complete with CE and metrology marking as well as EC type examination certificate.