Fero HLP0 P18 Rap Tie L -Plate HDG, 0MM

The Holed Rap Tie transfers lateral loads to the structural backing. The L-shaped Plate is fastened to the front surface of the structural backing, which may be steel, wood, or concrete. Holes sit along the far end of the Plate, and the V-Tie is inserted into the corresponding hole, providing a constant connection of the veneer wall to the structural backing without any risk of veneer disengagement. The functionality of the Holed Rap Tie is to transfer lateral load from the exterior masonry veneer to the structural backing with the use of one fastener. By using multiple fasteners, both shear and axial forces can be resisted, and this enables the entire wall assembly to function as a whole. The wall thickness (including the veneer and structural backing) work to limit lateral load, offering reduced lateral deflections and increased resistance.