Haltex 60 Min Building Paper

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Hal-Tex 60 Minute Building Paper is a heavy kraft paper which has been saturated with asphalt. This grade D building paper sheds water and restricts moisture from penetrating. However, it will allow the passage of water vapor, thus permitting wood to "breathe". Hal-Tex 60 Minute Building Paper is guaranteed to exceed the 60 minutes resistance test per U.S. standard UU-B-790a. Hal-Tex 60 Minute Building Paper can be used on outside walls of wood frame buildings, under the external finish, as a secondary protective barrier against entry of wind and moisture. It can be applied beneath wood siding, stucco, brick, aluminum, vinyl, or any other type of siding. It can also be applied under roofing shingles to prevent wind-blown moisture from reaching wood roof decking.