BW Heavy Duty Turbidity Curtain 50'x8' Deep

Turbidity curtains (also known as turbidity barriers or silt curtains) are “in-water silt fences” that are designed to restrict, or prevent the migration of suspended sediments in a body of water. Turbidity curtains are manufactured to site-specific requirements, taking into account such variables as depth and length of the curtain, required permeability of the skirt, water flow rate, length of time the curtain is to be utilized, and tidal or current specifics. Turbidity curtains are used when there is the potential for construction to cause sedimentation of an adjacent water body. They are also an excellent barrier for dredge and dragline operations in open water. The floats provide effective containment forfloating debris, and with the addition of an oil absorbent float can contain hydrocarbons and other surface contaminant. AGES Turbidity curtains consist of a heat sealed, high strength PVC coated polyester floatation cover enclosing closed cell polyethylene floats, a geotextile skirt, and a ballast chain. A top tension cable is added for increased overall strength. Floats are available in a variety of fabrics. AGES Turbidity curtains are made to withstand extreme conditions.