Spire Landing Passive House



The Spire Landing Passive House is the largest multi-unit Passive House in Canada. To qualify as a Passive House, the building must meet a strict list of standards that includes energy efficiency, minimal air leakages, and optimal air quality using certified insulation, windows and ventilation along with specific construction and design guidelines. The goal of a Passive House is to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases without cutting back on comfort.


BW Products Used: 

  • Quik-Therm 2" x 4' x 8' Multi-Purpose Insulation
  • Quik-Therm 6" x 4' x 8' Connect, Tongue and Grove Type 2 Insulation
  • Trufast 7" Fasteners
  • Krystol Waterstop Treatment

Expected Date of Completion: Summer 2019

Project Size: 6 stories with 95 residential units

Location: Vancouver, BC

Developer: Spire Development

Architect: Cornerstone Architecture

Brock White Sales Representative: Jamie Baird





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