TerraCraft Natural Stone Veneer is a modern line of loose natural stone and panelized natural stone. Born from Earth, crafted by nature, TerraCraft Natural Stone Veneer is the evolution of decorative stone! Combining contemporary and traditional styles, TerraCraft offers a variety of colours spanning the colour spectrum - from airy and light whites to moody darks.

Dimensional Series





Unique to TerraCraft™, the Dimensional Series has varying depths and elegant accents combining to create a distinct shadowing effect. With near limitless aesthetic possibilities, every project will have one of a kind flare, bringing a modern contemporary feel to any setting.

                            Almond Trail Limestone

                                    Iceberg Marble

Panel Series


TerraCraft’s™ Signature Ledgestone Collection provides the largest sized natural stone panels on the market. Our exclusive collection melds the traditional rugged look of stone with unique colourways, creating a high impact, large format stone panel that is perfectly suited in both rugged or classic design applications.


                           Coppermountain Limestone


                             Cottonseed Limestone

                            Darkmountain Limestone

                              Honeysuckle Travertine

                            Northern Lights Limestone

Designer Ledgestone Collection





The Designer Ledgestone Collection delivers a new twist on the traditional stone panel colour palette. This collection provides trendsetting tones, allowing you to elevate your design possibilities and take any project to unknown heights.

                                    Swansea Marble

                             Winterwonder Limestone

Classic Ledgestone Collection

The Classic Ledgestone Collection stands the test of time. With a wide range of application uses, let these colours serve as the foundation for your next design project.

                                      Black Slate

                                       Natural Slate



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