The Independent

The Independent is a 27,600 square metre mixed use development containing residential, office and commercial spaces located at Kingsway and Broadway, in the heart of Vancouver's Mount Pleasant district.

The development was designed with the goal of complementing the unique and vibrant attitude of the surrounding neighbourhood. Five distinct sections were created to embody different characters and spirits. These sections depended heavily on Brock White's masonry products to come to life and make it a stunning and sold-out piece of Vancouver's ever-growing landscape.


BW Products Used: 

  • Mutual Materials Brick in Granite Mission, Coal Creek, Amber Rose, Imperial Red and Columbia Red Mission 
  • Henry/Bakor Blueskin SA and TWF
  • Henry BlueskinPrimer/Adhesive
  • Henry/Bakor 925 BES Sealant
  • Rockwool™ CavityRock®
  • Fero Fast Brackets, L Plates and V Ties
  • Mortar Net
  • Prosoco cleaners and sealers
  • Target Polymer Bonding Agent
  • Target Traffic Patch
  • Constar Bond Patch
  • Starpatch Supa Fine

Project Completed: Fall 2018

Location: Vancouver, BC

Contractor: Rize Alliance Properties

Architect: Acton Ostry Architects

Mason: Scorpio Masonry

Brock White Sales Representative: Trina Bentley

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Broadway Block - featuring Amber Rose, Imperial Red and Columbia Red Brick


Creative design and installation abounds in this mixed use development.  The complex is divided into five distinct building components each featuring unique character that reflects the variety in the historical growth and development of the area.  Brick played a key role in creating this character. 

Pictured above, the Broadway section uses blocks of complimentary red brick colours installed in a variety of patterns to create a vibrant and eye-catching effect. Below, along the stretch of Kingsway, the impact of Coal Creek black brick plays effectively against the colourful high rise residential tower. And along Watson Street, colourful graffiti inspired graphics punctuate an interplay of white brick designs using various shapes and sizes of Granite Mission white brick.  

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Watson Block - featuring granite mission brick

Kingsway Block - Featuring Coal Creek brick



Throughout the project, eight different brick patterns were used in multiple locations. The combination of the patterns allowed each section of The Independent to look diverse and unique, while developing harmony between each of the blocks. The patterns used included:

  • English Bond
  • Flemish
  • Flemish with a 13mm raised header
  • Stack pattern
  • Soldier pattern
  • Running Bond
  • Basket Bond with a 13mm raised stretcher
  • Basket Bond


The FAST™ (FERO Angle Support Technology) system provides a fast, inexpensive and effective shelf angle installations.

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MortarNet helps prevent moisture damage to masonry cavity walls by stopping mortar droppings from blocking the weep holes and allowing moisture to flow to the weeps.

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Prosoco masonry cleaners dissolve mortar smears and construction dirt quickly, leaving the masonry clean and uniform with no acid burning or streaking.

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