Townhouse Interior Brick Wall Project



The owners of a 5-level split townhouse in Calgary were looking for an economical and easy-to-install option to add a brick accent wall to their bedroom, dining room, loft, and kitchen. The vision was to apply a brick that looked like it was installed when the home was built in the late 70s. The homeowners went with blend of 80% General Shale Peppermill and 20% General Shale Trainstation and the results are stunning!

BW Products Used:
General Shale Thin Brick - Blend of Peppermill and Trainstation

Calgary, Alberta

Karissa & family


Homeowners with help from Dad

Brock White Sales Rep:
Minh (Junior) To

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Bedroom - Before

Bedroom - After


Office - Before

Office - After


Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After


Completed Loft Installation