Township Road 360


Township Road 360 to Highway 2A was a road improvement project completed in Innisfail, Alberta designed to upgrade the long term performance of the road for light and heavy equipment.



BW Product Used: Naue Combigrid 30/30

Project Completed: June 29th 2018

Location: Innisfail, AB

Contractor: Richardson Brothers

Architect: Alberta Transportation

Engineer: Tagish Engineering

Brock White Sales Representative: Jeremy Whalen


Time & Cost Savings

Originally, the project was designed to use two costly products that called for two lifts of 5" aggregate to be compacted.

Brock White's Technical Sales Representative Jeremy Whalen worked with Tagish Engineering to identify a time and cost saving plan that only required the use of one product, Naue Combigrid 30/30, which needed only one 10" aggregate lift to be compacted.

The contractor and engineer achieved a 100% compaction while saving money, time and labour costs.

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About Naue Geogrid Combigrid® 30/30

Combigrid® is a composite product with a geogrid and a non-woven needle punched Geotextile. The geogrid is laid and welded with the geotextile in between the bars of the Geogrid, which makes a very robust product for challenging applications.

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