Hawk's Landing Development


The Hawk's Landing development project in Vernon, BC was built immediately adjacent to a rock cut with a 2:1 slope above. Weak saturated soils and poor vegetation on the slope above the development began to slough and release large aggregate which fell into the yards of the homes below. A site evaluation determined that deep anchoring of a turf reinforcement mat would not be possible due to dense rock or hardpan beneath a very thin overburden layer. Based on these limiting factors, a consultant offered a composite solution using Profile Products Green Armour System, utilizing an open matrix TRM which allowed for vegetative root formation and armouring.



BW Products Used: Green Armour System from Profile Products, which includes: 

  • Proganics
  • Flexterra
  • Futurra R45

Project Completed: November 30th, 2017

Location: Vernon, BC

Engineer: WSP Canada Inc.

Brock White Sales Representative: Patrick Goosen




Soil Testing


Soil samples were taken to determine the quality of the existing subsoils. The final prescriptive solution included Profile ProGanics Biotic Soil Media hydraulically applied into a Futerra R45 Turf Reinforcement Mat, along with other amendments to adjust existing soil pH and create an optimal growing condition.




This composite assembly was then capped with Flexterra Hydraulically Applied Erosion Control Mulch. Flexterra can be applied on slopes steeper than 1:1, has an 18 month functional longevity and the ability to retain up to 17 times its weight in water to make it available for revegetative growth.



The project was completed in the fall of 2017 and it withstood a winter season with above average snowfall and melt. Profile Green Armour is performing very well, robust vegetation is being established and Flexterra is still providing erosion control functionality.

As roots take place within the Futerra R45 they will continue to be reinforced over time to be able to take the added shear that occurs during the run off and freeze thaw cycles they get on the slope.