Wildewood Condos

Wildewood Village Condominums & Townhouse Development

Winnipeg's new $25 million luxury condiminum and townhouse development Wildewood Village is located on the site of the former Wildewood Club in East Fort Gary.  The complex includes a five-storey building with 41 apartment-style condos and eight adjoining townhouses backing onto the Red River.  This is only the second multi-family development ever built in the Wildewood Park area, which dates back to the 1930's and 40s..  The walls are a combination of conventional steel stud framing with batt insulation combined with a layer of exterior 3" continuous Quik-Therm Solar Dry insulation, then clad with cement board siding.

Project Details

BW Products Used: Quik-Therm Solar Dry Insulation (SDI), BASF MasterSea®l HLM5000 Self Level, Target Products Spec Mix Type S Mortar, BASF MasterSeal® AWB 660, 665 & 900, Dow FROTH-PAKTM 620, 1/2" Cement Board

Project Completed: April 2018

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: Raymond SC Wan Architect

Engineer: Crosier Kilgour & Partners

Project Contractors: Sigurdson Plastering, Clima Seal, Roma Masonry, Hiebert Hermano, Transcona Roofing

BW Sales Representative: Kevin Dudych, Kevin Vandegraff, Ryan Trithart, Ryan Lebaron & Dave Burdz




Quik-Therm Solar Dry Insulation (SDI) is a high performance tongue and groove continuous rigid insulation system. SDI is manufactured from superior closed-cell, lightweight and resilient Type 2 high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) covered with advanced metallic polymer facers.

Solar Dry is effectively impervious, however it is neither an air nor vapour barrier. On the inboard side of SDI are drying cavities that occupy ~75% of the surface. These cavities allow walls to drain, dry and disperse moisture to the outside. On the outboard side, furring materials such as wood or steel are mechanically fastened through SDI panels directly to framing members. The location for furring is identified by shallow depressions. A code compliant rain screen is achieved between SDI and the chosen cladding material

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